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Financial Crimes in Singapore

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 614
Edition :Second Edition
Country :Singapore
Published Date :2019
Compatible with : Desktop iOS Android

Book Description

Financial Crimes in Singapore provides a clear and concise overview of the various white-collar or business crime offences in Singapore for busy practitioners, in-house counsel, bankers, auditors, company directors, financial advisors, tyros and interested students, with a discussion of recent case law developments by way of summary. This book also serves as a useful guide to those who intend to have an overview of the relevant laws in respect of the various categories of white-collar offences in Singapore.


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Insider Trading in Singapore
Chapter 3 - Other Forms of Market Abuse under Part XII of the Securities and Futures Act
Chapter 4 - Corruption
Chapter 5 - Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Financing
Chapter 6 - Other Financial Cimes
Chapter 7 - International Issues and Asset Forfeiture
Chapter 8 - Internal Investigations and Preventing and/or Investigating Fraud in the Workplace