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Guide to Due Diligence

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 128
Country :Malaysia
Published Date :2015
Compatible with : Desktop iOS Android

Book Description

This book is an approachable and easy guide to those who find themselves suddenly involved in a Due Diligence exercise as it provides a step-by-step guide on why and how to conduct a Due Diligence exercise has been illustrated simply and informatively.


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Table of Contents

Step One
• How to start a Due Diligence


Step Two
• Work Programme


Step Three 
• Checklist
a. Corporate and Statutory Records
b. Accounts
c. Licences, etc.
d. Employees
e. Insurance
f . Property, plant and equipment
g. Material Contracts
h. Indebtedness, including to other companies within the group
i. Financial Assistance
j. Intellectual Property
k. Litigation
l. Environmental
m. Competition
n. Taxes, Duties and Rates
o. Miscellaneous