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A Guide to Termination of Employment in Singapore

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 336
Edition :Second Edition
Country :Singapore
Published Date :2008
Compatible with : Desktop iOS Android

Book Description

A widely sought after source of information for HR Managers, employers, employees and their advisors since it was first published in 2003. This book provides timely and insightful updates on the recent legal trends affecting employment relationships and the termination.

The book retains easily digested chapters which cover, comprehensively and yet concisely, the major topics that concern an employer and employee when the relationship comes to an end. Apart from being expert guidance for employers and employees on their respective rights and legal obligations regarding termination of employment, the book covers all relevant legislation and is replete with practical discussion and sample clauses/notices that readers may adopt and adapt to fit specific needs. 

Authored by Deborah Barker, SC with the assistance of a team of lawyers from KhattarWong. This book remains one of the most recognised reference books with respect to termination of employment in Singapore. It is hoped that the book will continue to be a valuable resource to all who are interested in the subject matter.

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Table of Contents

· Chapter 1: Overview of Termination of Employment in Singapore 
· Chapter 2: Scope of Employment Act 
· Chapter 3: Remedies for Termination in Breach of Contract 
· Chapter 4: Termination and the Industrial Relations Act 
· Chapter 5: Redundancy 
· Chapter 6: Receivership, Judicial Management, Insolvency, Mergers and Acquisitions of Employer 
· Chapter 7: Removal of Directors 
· Chapter 8: Termination of Employment of Foreign Employees 
· Chapter 9: Taxation of Employment Income 
· Chapter 10: Discipline of Employment Income 
· Chapter 11: Obligations After the Termination of Employment: Non-competition and Confidentiality Clauses