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Human Resource Practitioner's Guide to Employment Laws

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 340
Edition :Third Edition
Country :Singapore
Published Date :2014
Compatible with : Desktop iOS Android

Book Description

Many real life scenarios faced by HR practitioners are shared in this guide. It must be said that the solutions given in this guide are by no means exhaustive, but they will certainly be useful for the many common issues that HR practitioners may face in the course of their work.

In this third edition of the guide, there are scenarios and suggested solutions for each topic as it is critical for HR practitioners and students alike to fully appreciate the applications of the employment laws. It also provides timely and insightful updates on the recent amendments to the employment laws, such as better protection for more workers, flexibility for employers and enhancing enforcement of and compliance with employment standards.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Employment Status
Chapter 2 : The Contract of Employment
Chapter 3 : Terms of the Contract of Employment
Chapter 4 : Obligations of the Employer
Chapter 5 : Obligations of the Employee
Chapter 6 : Termination of A Contract of Employment
Chapter 7 : Health and Safety at the Workplace
Chapter 8 : Company Mergers, Amalgamations and Sales of Business
Chapter 9 : Employment of Foreign Employees
Chapter 10 : Appendices

About the Author(s)

Arthur Khong

Masters of Management (HR Management), Macquarie University; Bachelor of Law (Hons), University of London; Bachelor of Arts (Econs), University of Manitoba; Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Singapore Institute of Management; Diploma in Training and Development, Singapore Institute of Management; Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration, National University of Singapore; and Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, Singapore Workforce Development Agency. 

Arthur is also an adjunct faculty member of SIM University (UniSIM). He lectures on Employment Laws and Legal Issues, Employment and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management with the department of Human Resource Social Development.