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Human Resource Practitioners’ Guide to Industrial Relations

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 372
Country :Singapore
Published Date :2015
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Book Description

Key Features

Industrial Relations is commonly defined as the relationship between the management of a company and the trade union representing the workers. As such, not every HR practitioner has the opportunity to grasp the complicated, often emotive, area of industrial relations as it is only applicable to unionized companies.

The first edition of this book originates from the other title of this series, Human Resource Practitioners' Guide to Employment Laws. It serves to outline the Employment and Industrial Relations in Singapore, to have a better understanding of the rights and obligations of both employers and employees especially in unionised companies.

This book is a valuable resource for those who want to learn more about Employment and Industrial Relations in Singapore. 

Key Benefits

- Written in simple language for easy understanding
- Scenarios and suggested solutions for each topic are relevant to the application of the Employment and Industrial Relations in Singapore


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About the Author(s)

Arthur Khong

Masters of Management (HR Management), Macquarie University; Bachelor of Law (Hons), University of London; Bachelor of Arts (Econs), University of Manitoba; Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Singapore Institute of Management; Diploma in Training and Development, Singapore Institute of Management; Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration, National University of Singapore; and Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, Singapore Workforce Development Agency. 

Arthur is also an adjunct faculty member of SIM University (UniSIM). He lectures on Employment Laws and Legal Issues, Employment and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management with the department of Human Resource Social Development.