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A Legal Guide to Strata Management

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 256
Country :Malaysia
Published Date :2015
Compatible with : Desktop iOS Android

Book Description

This book incorporates the latest law (Strata Management Act 2013) which was brought to force in June 2015. Having been authored by an expert in the subject matter, this book has a clear narrative which provides for easy and chronological understanding of Strata Management.

Key Features

  • Discusses various management periods (Developer, JMB, MC & SMC) and Management Agent
  • Highlights the duties and powers of corporations and committees, procedure in AGM, EGM and committee meetings
  • Provides an insight into strata building insurance, strata building by-laws and the role of COB in strata management
  • Includes jurisdiction, powers and procedure in Strata Management Tribunal
  • Contains courts and judicial review of strata management


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Concept of Management and Maintenance
Chapter 2 Developer Management Period (DMP)
Chapter 3 Joint Management Body Period (JMBP)
Chapter 4 Management Corporation Period (MCP)
Chapter 5 Subsidiary Management Corporation Period (SMCP)
Chapter 6 Alternative Management Periods
Chapter 7 Termination of Management Corporation Period
Chapter 8 Definition of a Strata Building
Chapter 9 Strata Building Insurance
Chapter 10 Strata Building By-laws
Chapter 11 Strata Building - Defects and Damage
Chapter 12 Enforcement
Chapter 13 Commissioner of Buildings (COB)
Chapter 14 Strata Management Tribunal
Chapter 15 Malaysian Courts and Strata Management

About the Author(s)

Yong Yung Choy graduated in law from the University of Singapore in 1969 and was admitted to the Malaysian Bar Council in 1970, and later admitted to the Victoria Supreme Court, Australia, in 1989. In addition, he had undergone mediation training by Accord Group, Australia in 2000 and advanced mediation training from the Institute of Dispute Resolution, Fredric G. Levin Institute, University of Florida in 2000. With over 40 years of law practice in the Malaysian Bar, Yong Yung Choy has focused more on civil, commercial, and property law and, in particular, on strata building development. He also has experience in the various legal processes including court litigation, mediation and arbitration. In addition, he was also in Bar Council Conveyancing Committee and Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

Yong Yung Choy had also served nine years as the President of the Home Buyers Tribunal where he had mediated and arbitrated hundreds of disputes between developers and purchasers. He is presently a Mediator with the Malaysian Mediation Centre and the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration.

Yong Yung Choy has periodically contributed legal articles to several law publications and newspapers. He has conducted seminars for many organizations including the Attorney General Chambers, professional associations,corporations, universities and members of the Malaysian Bar.