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Personal Insolvency & Bankruptcy Laws in Malaysia An Update & Comparison Post-Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act 2017

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 710
Country :Malaysia
Published Date :2017
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Book Description

Side-by-side comparison between the old Bankruptcy Act 1967 and its Rules, with the new Insolvency Act 1967 and accompanying Insolvency Rules 2017, the Insolvency (Cost) Rules 1969, the Insolvency (Fees) Rules1969 and the Insolvency (Voluntary Arrangement) Rules 2017, which came into effect on 6 October 2017 and additional amendments to the Insolvency (Costs) Rules, Insolvency (Fees) Rules revised, which came into effect on 15 November 2017, with analysis of amendments, repealed sections and recent additional provisions

A quick reference and analysis on the legal and regulatory framework of Malaysian personal insolvency and bankruptcy laws and regulations as it stands after the 2017 Amendment, with copies of the new act and regulations

Analysis on the legal requirements and consequences of the law to professionals such as lawyers, legal & judicial service, in house counsel, academicians, company directors and individual members of the public


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Table of Contents

(I)Bankruptcy Act 1967 & Insolvency Act 1967
(II) Bankruptcy Rules 1969 & Insolvency Rules 2017

  • A. Insolvency Rules 2017 – Schedule
    B. Tables of Correspondence
    C. Forms

(III) Bankruptcy (Costs) Rules 1969 & Insolvency (Costs) Rules 1969
(IV) Bankruptcy (Fees) Rules 1969 & Insolvency (Fees) Rules 1969
(V) Bankruptcy (Voluntary Arrangement) Rules 2017

About the Author(s)

Tejindarpal Kaur is a graduate in Law from the University of London. She served as a Legal Assistant in the Department of Insolvency (BHEUU, Prime Ministers Department) and retired from service in 2005. She was practicing as a sole proprietor in Messrs Tejindarpal & Co. from 01.01.2007 until 31.12.2016. She is now practicing as a Legal Assistant with Messrs Hargopal Singh & Co. from 01.01.2017 until now.
She is a certified mediator qualified under the auspice of the Accord Group (Australia) and is currently an accredited mediator with:

  • (i) the Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC) and
    (ii) the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre of Arbitration (KlRCA).

She was awarded the Introductory Certificate in Arbitration on 18.08.2011 by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (ClArb). She has also passed the Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration – Practice and Procedure Examination held from 9-17.01.2016. She is a member of CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators).
Tejindarpal served as a member of the Selangor Bar Committee for 6 terms and was the Secretary of the Selangor Bar Committee (2012/2013).
Tejindarpal also serves in the following committees of the Bar Council:

  • i Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee;
    ii Bar Council Child Rights Committee;
    iii Professional and Standards Development Committee;
    iv Small Firms Committee, and
    v Conveyancing Practice sub-committee at the Selangor Bar.

She has been assisting MMC in coaching in the training courses organized by the Bar Council Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC).
She also has given lectures on Mediation at the Ethics and Professional Standards Course conducted by the Bar Council. She has also conducted seminars on Insolvency Law at the Bar Council and the various State Bars.
Her areas of practice are in civil litigation, commercial law and insolvency law in particular.