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Principles of Malaysian Land Law

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 745
Country :Malaysia
Published Date :2008
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Book Description

Principles of Malaysian Land Law' seeks to set out the concise and comprehensive concepts and principles of Malaysian land law that can be easily understood by readers. It is useful for those interested to know more about the Torrens System as applicable in the Malaysian land administration system. The book focuses on explaining the statutory provisions of the major areas of land law with case law discussions where necessary.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Historical Development
Chapter 2: General Concepts Of Land Ownership
Chapter 3: Rights and Powers Of State Authority
Chapter 4: Registration Of Dealings
Chapter 5: Indeafisibility Of Title And Interests
Chapter 6: Transfer
Chapter 7: Easement
Chapter 8: Leases And Tenancies
Chapter 9: Security Dealings
Chapter 10: Restraint On Dealings
Chapter 11: Land Reservation
Chapter 12: Land Acquisition
Chapter 13: Strata Titles
Chapter 14: Islamic Land Ownership