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Singapore Court Practice 2014

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Format : eBook
No of Pages : 4172
Country :Singapore
Published Date :2014
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Book Description

About the Book


* Analysis of all case law developments including particular emphasis on vital rulings of the Supreme Court and important decisions from other jurisdictions
* Analysis of revised legislation affecting various areas of civil practice
* Precise commentary and practice-oriented approach to suit the needs of both a busy and new practitioner
* Includes the latest legislative developments:
- New Rules of Court 2014
- New State Courts
- New State Courts Act 2014
- New Practice Directions in 2014


Key Benefits


* More than a comprehensive work on Civil Practice, it also explains the difficult areas of the law and provides the civil litigator with all the necessary arguments for his case
* Covers all amendments to statutes, rules of court as well as case law developments, practice directions, other legal sources and practice information
* New format cross-references to Forms which are conveniently included at the end of each Order
* Relied on by the Courts as persuasive authority in more than 200 reported cases and in many more unreported cases
* Contributions by leading specialists in their fields


"Singapore Court Practice will continue to offer invaluable guidance to the practitioner and be an essential resource for the courts."
- Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, in his Foreword to Singapore Court Practice 2009


"The author and the publishers are to be congratulated for producing such a valuable work which will benefit all those involved in civil litigation. Lawyers will find the work to be an invaluable tool in their procedural armoury."
- Former General Editor of the Supreme Court Practice (UK) ('the White Book'), Sir Jack I. H. Jacob, in his Foreword to Singapore Court Practice 1999


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About the Author(s)


Jeffrey D Pinsler LLB (L'pool); LLM (Cantab); LLD (L'pool) is a Professor specialising in civil justice, civil and criminal evidence, procedure and ethics.
He is an advocate and solicitor, barrister-at-law, Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, a Principal Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre,  a member of the Board of Governors of the Judicial College and also a member of various professional committees of legal and governmental institutions including the Singapore Academy of Law, the Supreme Court and Ministry of Law.

He has appeared as amicus curiae before the Court of Appeal, and has spoken at, and contributed to, conferences and reform programmes in various countries. He has produced 20 major text books and reference works to date in his capacity as Author and/or Editor in Chief or Consultant Editor, as well as multiple articles. His books and articles are regularly cited by lawyers and frequently relied upon by Judges.

In 2004, he was conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD) for his contributions to learning. In 2008, he was appointed Senior Counsel.

He is a Senior Professorial Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Legal Education. In 2014, he was appointed Geoffrey Bartholomew Professor.