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A Guide to Termination of Employment in Singapore

Format : eBook
A widely sought after source of information for HR Managers, employers, employees and their advisors since it was first published in 2003. This book provides timely and insightful updates on the…

Singapore Court Practice 2014

Format : eBook
About the Book …

Evidence and the Litigation Process

Format : eBook
Highly acclaimed in and out of Singapore since it was first published 24 years ago, this work covers all developments since the fourth edition was published in 2013. The preceding five years witnessed…

Evidence and the Litigation Process, Sixth Edition

Format : eBook
This book provides a balance between analytical discussion of the principles and the practical application of the law and includes numerous illustrations and practice-related situations for this…

Admiralty Law and Practice, Third Edition

Format : eBook
The Third Edition, coming nearly a decade after the Second, covers the seminal decisions on Admiralty Law handed down by courts in Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong over the last ten…