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Woon’s Corporations Law

Woon’s Corporations Law Desk Edition focuses primarily on the interpretation and explication of the Companies Act (Cap 50). It consists of annotations to the sections of the Companies Act fully…

Singapore International Arbitration

Law & Practice
This will serve as a comprehensive commentary on the current state of international arbitration in Singapore. Singapore, having adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law and a party to the 1958 New York…

Islamic Business

Contemporary Issues and Economic Development
The effects of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis amongst others have led to the review of prevailing banking and financial practices. Over the past four years, many discussions were held to discover…

Goods and Services Tax

Law & Practice
Format : eBook
Seeking for a complete and practical book on GST 2015 written by eminent Tax Practitioners in Singapore? …

The Legal System of Singapore

Institution, Principles and Practices
Over the decades, the legal system in Singapore has evolved in a manner that draws from its Westminster heritage but also meets changing needs and aspirations. The 50th anniversary of the nation's…