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Company Law (Third Edition)

Format : eBook
The company is subject to a complex amalgam of common law rules and legislative regulation. This book attempts to unpack these rules. Concepts that define and characterise a company are explained, as…

Company Law

Format : eBook
The book covers the various legislation and subsidiary legislation related to the company as a business and its legal aspects. …

Goods and Services Tax

Law & Practice
Format : eBook
Seeking for a complete and practical book on GST 2015 written by eminent Tax Practitioners in Singapore? …

The Practice of Law

Following the successful publication of Reading Law in Singapore which is now in its second reprint, The Practice of Law attempts to provide aspiring lawyers a window to careers after law school. …

Criminal Law in Myanmar

The first of its kind, this commentary on the Myanmar Penal Code describes and critically evaluates the general principles of criminal responsibility contained in the Code with a view to assisting the…