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Title eISBN Description Formats
Title eISBN Description Formats
Alternative Dispute Resolution 9789814608169 The book includes a practical examination of each process; when....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Law in Malaysia 9789674007560 This book is a concise, accessible and practical guide to....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Banking Law 9789812369086 Banking Law, 2nd Edition incorporates the latest developments in banking....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Banking Law (Fifth Edition) 9789674008383 In recent years, we have seen various developments shape the....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Banking Law, Third Edition 9789814798419 The new edition of the text will incorporate the latest....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Budget after Budget 9789814753470 Key Features: Commercial business guide, covering theoretical and practical implications of....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Building Contract Law in Singapore, 3rd Edition 9789814753920 This book deals with the law relating to building contracts.....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Business and Ethics of Client Interviewing 9789814770873 This book focuses on ethics and skills of client interviewing....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Business Law in Malaysia 9789674004521 This book adopts a refreshing approach in the treatment of....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )
Business Law in Malaysia (Third Edition) 9789674009229 This third edition of the text, since the second in....eBook ( Online, Offline, iPad )